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Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

We are busy finishing our new web site, but just couldn't wait to release our free Horizon Christmas 2006 and Foundation icon sets. We realise you may have questions about the icons, so we have compiled this brief list to answer the most common questions.

What does the number at the end of the file name mean?
When you look at the files that are installed, you will notice that each one ends with a number and letter, for example "Folder (128 N).png". The number denotes the dimensions of the icon, in this case 128x128 pixels.

What does the letter at the end of the file name mean?
Right next to the icon dimension, you will notice that each icon contains a letter, either N, D or H. This indicates the icon state, being Normal, Disabled or Hot.

Why don't the ICO files have a dimension?
ICO files actually contain multiple images in the single file. Opening the file in an icon editor will display all of the sizes included in the ICO file. Windows will automatically determine which size it needs to use for a particular situation.

Why are there 4 different ICO versions?
Microsoft Windows Vista has added some brand new icon size & format specifications, which are not always backwards compatible. To make sure you can use our icons in any development tool on as many platforms as possible, we provide the ICO files in the following formats:

Why do the BMP icons have a pink background?
BMP files do not support true transparency, therefore a single colour is often used as a "mask", this will be a colour that is not used in the actual icon itself. Most development components (such as Windows ImageLists) automatically use the value of the bottom left pixel and automatically mask out that colour in the entire image. Oh, and it's not pink - it's Fuschia :)

Why is the downloaded file an EXE?
Our icon collections contain hundreds of files in various formats, the total size of each package being in the tens of megabytes. For your convenience, each set is compressed and packaged with an easy to use installer - it also comes with an uninstaller, but you won't ever want to use that :). For those who are more technically inclined, our setup program is a Windows Installer based package, built with InstallAware.

I use a Mac, how can I get your icons?
We are currently packaging our images into Mac-friendly DMG format, and the download links will be available soon. In the meantime, feel free to email us at and we will send you everything you need :)

What about your license terms?
When you launch the installer, you will get to review our (very simple and flexible) license terms.

If you have any questions that are not covered in this document, please don't hesitate to email any enquiries to